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This Service might only usable from Germany.

FreedomFone Service

FreedomFone helps you to access data on the internet: Dial our service number 0190 70 60 98* (only in Germany) and our competent and friendly operators will read any information to you live on the phone!!

(From foreign countries, please use our >>free Email trial service.)

You are interested in breast cancer or the Second World War? Online shopping, online banking or writing an email? Your business depends on information that you cannot access because of "technical reasons"? With FreedomFone you are able to do all this on the phone!!

You can count on us: FreedomFone respects your concerns about privacy and anonymity. If our customers ask for it, we are happy to switch off browser cookies or use encrypted connections. Our wide selection of free software also allows you to surf the net Microsoft-free!!

The Internet doesn't only consist of the WWW. With FreedomFone you can also use other services, like SMTP, IMAP, POP3, IRC, FTP, P2P, Jabber, HTTPS, ED2K, Echo, Ping, Telnet, SSH, SFTP, Finger, SOAP, NNTP, SMB and much more.

Additionally you can access a large variety of >>Newsgroups.

The best: it is easy. Just take your telephone and call FreedomFone!

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Finally! March 2005
FreedomFone expands to the international market with a free trial email service!